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, if it indeed does go through. number one it cuts to the medicare advantage reimbursement and that is likely to be included in a final bill. what does it mean for companies and individuals? >> right. so to fund this whole proposal there has to be cuts somewhere or revenue generation. and one of the big places for the cut is the medicare advantage and what this means is it primarily is going to impact the senior folks who are out there in these medicare advantage programs which are different from your typical medicare program in there are much more choices, more options, because of those more choices and options that causes higher cost. so win way to reduce a tremendous amount of cost is to remove this program. now, that will impact the seniors out there who like those choices, they will have less choices but it is one of the sacrifices that the lawmakers have decided as far as how to pay for reform. >> and is this a big negative for insurance companies too? >> it is not -- it depends. each insurance company has a different amount of exposure to medicare advantage. we talked about wellpoint a
of medicare part d drug costs. medicare part d drug costs right now are reimbursed up to a certain rate and then not reimbursed until you reach another point. >> so it helps seniors pay for those drugs when they reach that gap in coverage. >> right that donut hole is where that 30 billion is going to go towards. the remaining $50 billion will increase rebates to government payers and industry fees the industry as a whole will have to pay. >> on the one hand, big pharma is paying the extra fees but on the other hand they will be making money because more people will being forced to get coverage. >> exactly. there is two sides of this. while big pharma will have to pay the $80 billion over 10 years, there is a huge influx of new folks with insurance, approximately 10 to 12% new people buying drugs. >> so what is the estimate that big pharma could make out 6 this? >> we estimate over the next 10 year it is could be approximately 100 billion. you look at 80 billion they will be charged and the 100 billion they will bring in, it is a net profit of about 20 billion. >> over 10 years. >> over
the cbo they would raise hundreds of billons in revenue and out cut some 500 billion from medicare over 10 years, cbo said that course of action would reduce the deficit by $132 billion. >> there is a number of things that make that highly i am plausible. dubious really. >> such as covering the uninsured by expanding medicaid. shifting some costs to cash strapped states, or double counting savings in medicare by saying they would extend the life of the program, but also spending the money elsewhere. >>you literally cannot spend the dollar twice, congressman's dream but it won't work. >> then there is the doctor fix in medicare. a move to undue previous efforts to reduce spending. under law the doctor that treat the elderly would face a 21 percent cut in fees this year and every year after that. lawmakers fear that would reduce senior's access to doctors, which they are determined to fix but could not pay for. so they simply where he moved it from the reform bill. >> biggest hole in the financing is the fact that they have left out the doctor fix. >> if that was counted it shifts from reduc
at the healthcare bill and think it's a terrible proposal, that is going to cut medicare and raise taxes and raise insurance premiums. they want us to stop it. all of a sudden they realize there is an election somewhere in the country where you can effect -- where you can have an impact on it. so it's quite a phenomena. >> let's assume that the election is held and brown is the apparent winner, republican brown. when does that mean for the term in office of paul kirk who is the interim senator, the democrat serving out the balance of senator kennedy's, late senator kennedy's term? does his term end on the day of the election so that whether the in senator is seated or not? do you know? >> it's an interesting academic question. what we have to do is wait until the election is held and then focus on that. the first step is see what the people of massachusetts say on tuesday and then everybody will be looking at the proto ses for swearing in the new senator after that. >> is there any doubt in your mind the winner, if it's brown, would be sworn in promptly, in time to vote on the next, in the next ro
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the premiums go up. they didn't want to see taxes go up. they didn't want to see us taking money from medicare to create yet another entitlement program and they were scared about the endless spending and debt they've seen coming out of washington last year. if the white house and the democrats didn't get that message, then i think they really missed the point of what happened in massachusetts. >> chris: on the other hand, you just heard robert gibbs, he cites a poll from the "washington post" that indicates that they want scott brown to come in and work with democrats, that they're not -- they want some healthcare bill, just not the healthcare bill that's being passed. you know, there are some positives there. so what about his argument that in fact there isn't this complete rejection of the obama agenda? >> i think the message that scott brown so effectively gave in massachusetts -- and by the way, he's entitled to the lion's share of the credit. he was a fantastic candidate with exactly the right message at exactly the right time. but the message was not let's tweak this thing around the ed
the uninsured anden medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know, let me know. let me know. [applause] i am eager to see it. here's what i asked congress though. don't walk away from reform. not now, not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. [applause] let's get it done. let's get it done. [applause] now even as health care reform would reduce our deficit it is not enough to dig ourselves out of a massive hole we find ourselves. it is a challenge that makes others harder to solve and one that is subject to a lot of political posturing. we'll start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight. in the beginning of the last decade, year 2000, america had a budget surplus of over 200 billion dollars. [applause] by the time i took office, we had a one year deficit of over one trillion dollars and projected deficits of 8 trillion over the next decade. most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive drug program. on top of that, the affects of the rece
". >> the government is using music legend chubby checker to advertise the twist in the medicare drug program o january 1st, one millo income seniors became eligible for more benefits under the so-called extra help program. the old method calculated life insurance policies, as sets. the social security administration is urging seniors previously rejected now to reapply. for more information on the extra help program, call this toll free number. 8772 with 1213. still ahead. a terror suspect has his day in court. what he told the judge. >> and michael jackson's doctor is making headlines again. the conflicting reports tonight about his specific case. >> >> a man accused of trying to blow up an airplane on christmas day faced the judge today. umar farouk abdul mutallab appeared in federal court today for six charges. related to the attempted terrorist attack. he was only in court for several minutes. long enough to answer a few questions and plead not guilty. umar farouk abdul mutallab could face life in prison, if convicted. >> meantime, security at airports abroad get tighter after the botched attack ch
counting savings in medicare. >> you literally cannot spend the same dollar twice. congressman's dream, but it won't work. >> another part of health care reform is so costly lawmakers made it a separate measure. so it would not inflate the cost of the health care bill. >> meantime, state lawmaker pat mcdonogh is trying to storm health care reform in a court of law. written a letter to gansler, and asking him to join a lawsuit against the plan. mcdonogh said the bill forces everyone to get insurance, and gives some states preferential treatment. >> the top law enforcement officer of every state in the nation should be on this case. to ignore it is to say, i don't care about the people. i don't care about the constitution. i don't care about the rights of the citizen. i don't care about doing my job. >> pat mcdonogh may introduce a bill in annapolis, if the lawsuit does not work. >> would you vote to keep or replace members of u.s. congress. so far 7 percent want to keep the members of congress. 93 percent want to replace them. and angelia responds on facebook. saying i think a lot of co
't effect national secur security, medicare, medicaid or social security. >> president also called for bipartisanship and bickering among democrats and republicans was nearly sport during health care reform and would like to see lawmakers work together but they are not holding their breath. >> as long as the republicans are just absolutely dedicated to disrupting our country. then he will have a very difficult time. >> they just don't want to work for the people. they want to work for themselves. you can tell that by the lobbyist. >> good idea. forget about what party. let's get the country moving in the right direction. >>reporter: okay. that brings us to our question of the day now. will the president's speech help encourage lawmakers to work together. good to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through face book. is send us a twet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45203 enter a for yes and b for no and response may air tonight at 10:00. >> battle over gay marriage takes a new turn in maryland. >> jeff tells us annapolis lawmakers are debating whether
to reform health care without shifting medicaid cost to the states and cutting medicare and raising taxes. we'll do that by implement common sense reforms. letting bying health care . ending 45 lows lawsuits of hospitals that drive up health cost. our solutions are not thousand page bills that no one read after being crafted behind closed doors with special interests. our proposals are available on . we welcome your ideas on fates book and twitter. all americans agree that this nation must become more energy independent and secure. we are blessed here in america with vast natural resources and we must use them all. advances in technology can unleash more gnarl gas and nuclear wind and coal and alternative energy that lower utility bills. here in virginia we have the opportunity to be the first state on the east coast to explore and oil and natural explore and oil and natural gas off shore. you this administration policies are delaying off shore production and hindering nuclear expansion and seeking to impose job and cap and trade energy taxings. now is the time to adopt
the deficit but they arrived at that conclusion by double counting savings in medicare. >> literally can't spend the same dollar twice. congressman dream but it won't work. >>reporter: another part of health reform was so expensive lawmakers made it a separate bill so it wouldn't inflate the cost of the health bill. now that brings us to our question of the day. would you vote to keep or replace congress? go to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer at 45203. enter fox 45 to keep congress b to get rid of them. response may air tonight on fox free for all friday news at 10:00. >>> disgruntled worker goes on shooting rampage at st. louis facility. 7 people are shot. 3 dead including the gunman. it happened this morning. many of the 50 workers hit on -- hid on the roof, boiler room and closet. s.w.a.t. team searched the building for 4 hours looking for the gunman. 3 people shot by the gunman in critical condition tonight. >>> barack obama outlines intelligence and security miscue included in report a
't agree it would have been lesser-spensive plant, just like medicare isn't a lesser-expensive high-quality plant. >>reporter: a public option is not and now many house democratics leaders seem ready to throw it overboard. the speaker seemed to talk about it in the past tense, saying the goals of the public option will be accomplished in other ways. >> we will have what we need to hold the insurance companies accountability. i contend whatever we have coming out of in bill will hold them accountable and will be crying out one of these days. >>reporter: another member of the democratic leadership was recently asked if he could support a bill that does not have a public option. >> yes, sir, i can. >>reporter: a texas democratic -- what many house members have concluded. >> the big issues like public option, i think we're going to go with a senate version. >>reporter: -- such as covering pre-existing conditions made a public option less necessary any way. that will be all the satisfaction supporters get because the way things are going, the public option has something close to a 0 c
the legislation may cut medicare reimbursement rates, as well as cut the additional government -- for treating so many uninsured patients. >> we're going to go over our game plan again. >>reporter: still if more people have health insurance and are able to build a relationship with a primary care physician, doctors hope this will mean fewer expensive late-stage treatments. >> the idea of having insurance would at least insure those patients or those people would have at least access to more preventative care. >> if they are entering the health care arena earlier and seeing their primary care physician and not utilizing the high resources of an emergency room, that's better for captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. red there are enough currently there's a shortage. more medical students are going into lucrative specialties. med schools are trying to change that. >> here at howard and other medical schools across the country, we are trying to increase enrollment, as well as increase the number of students going into primary-care careers. >>reporter: doctors
. there is also a federal investigation into possible medicare fraud. >> it worries me he whether i have a stent in me and i didn't need one. >> it was back in 2008, bill buttca received a stent at st. joseph. at the time he didn't think anything television. >> at the time they told me that i had a problem, a blockage, sure, you are going to trust your doctor. that there is a problem. you have to get it done quick. so i just more or less did everything that they said. >> now that this lawsuit has been filed. bill has his doubts of whether the procedure was needed. >> i wanted to find out exactly who did my stent. >> so far, there is no evidence bill was a victim in this scheme. and that comes as good news for this father. >> i have a little boy to take care of. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and tonight, st. joseph released a statement saying in part, that it does not believe patients getting the stent are at immediate risk. >> fire investigators say there were working smoke detectors inside of the location of a fatal house fire wednesday night. found two inside of the home. in the 1600
for three years. >> mr. obama plans to do that, without cutting spending to medicare, medicaid, social security, or national security. without freezing thoses costs, the savingss would amount to less than 1 percent of the deficit. it is the same plan president obama criticized john mccain for when republicans proposed it during presidential race. >> i really have concerns that what we have got is a president who has a great style, great ability to deliver an address, but may not have the ability to solve the problems, as long as he stays with the core values. >> president claims because of government intervention, about 2 million americans are working who would otherwise be unemployed. that number is hard to confirm. it comes from the president's own white house counsel is of economic advisers. non-partisan office pubs the number at 800000 and 2.4 million. >> i think what you heard the president say during the speech said he is absorbing what he is hearing from american people. the focus primary focus on jobs and specifically on how our small businesses are doing. >> president spent mo
million in medicare funding for her state in exchange for the vote. but ben nelson got a sweet deal. his state would never have to pay for increases in medicaid coverage for eternity. deals that brought instant outrage. >> we should have set up a tent out in front and put persian rugs out in front of it. that's the way that this has been conducted. >> those deals are now causing unforeseen problems. in maryland, republican state delegate pat mcdonogh is asking the attorney general to sue the federal government over the nebraska medicaid deal. >> top law enforcement officer of every state in the nation should be on this case, to ignore is to say i don't care about the people, i don't care about the constitution, i don't care about the rights of the citizens. i don't care about doing my job. >> in 13 other states, attorney generals sent a letter to congress, threatening legal action if the nebraska provision is not reversed. and california governor arnold schwarzenegger told his congressional delegation, it should vote against health reform unless california gets the same deal as nebraska.
by double counting savings in medicare. another part of healthcare reform was so costly that lawmakers made it a separate bill so it wouldn't inflate the cost of the health bill. >>> americans frustration with wocongress over the summer showd in the polls. whether asked to keep congress or replace lawmakers altogether, 57% said they would vote them all out. only 25% of voters would have kept the current batch of legislators. that brings us to the question of the day would you vote to keep or replace all of congress? you can sound off at face book, we will take your calls in the next hour. you can text your answer to 45203, 45a for yes, if you're in favor of keeping congress or fox 45b if you were to vote to replace them. >>> the team's chee cheerleaderl us what they have going on today. >>> well, blast part of this winter blast is pretty much over but the winter weather is not. we still have the cold weather in place, and the winter weather will pick up this afternoon. at 7:14 on a friday morning, it doesn't look as nearly as active is as it did earlier this morning. snow moving through the
not spending for three years starting in 2011, except for funds going to national security, medicare, medicaid, and social security. >>> children at a baltimore county catholic school are doing their part to help ease the crisis in haiti. middle school students at sacred heart at lin din decided to donate their own gently used shoes to the relief effort. a girl named raquel came up with the idea after thinking of how she would feel if she was one of the survivors. >> it's hard for them, because they don't have shoes on them. and they're stepping over rubble. >> in my native language, meci, to alrcito all of you. >> raquel collected 2,000 pairs of shoes that will be shipped to haiti. >>> the program called quarters for quake victims is showing small kids that contributions can add up fast and make a difference. joel d smith is at the sacred heart school and joel, what are you doing up there. don't fall. >> reporter: it's not a problem. we're safe up here. they're real concerned about the folks in haiti. we have the haitian flag here. and kids are learning a good lesson. they're donating a penn
to helping the residents. island. he flies into the island to provide medicare for residents. >> we take a look at the work that nichols is doing there and how much it means to his patients.. >> reporter: the chesapeake bay defines tan jeer island. >> a small patch of sand 12 miles away from the mainland. the town realizing surrounding water more commerce, its communication, and its culture. >> there's nothing phony and there's no secret. >> reporter: but it' as the bay brings live to tanjire, dr. nichols brings health. every thursday for the last 30 years the doctor has donated his time flying the 15 minutes to the island's often isolated airstrip taking the island's only cars to the clinic. an expert in medicine first brought him here to practice, the passion for its people kept him coming back. >> okay, that is good. >> reporter: everyone doubted the doc when he promised to be a regular, after all the clinic needs as much help as some of the patients, but two things wouldn't imagine all of those years ago how important he would become to all of these people. >> i like dr. nichols.
the taxpayers. alcohol causes us to pony up money for law enforcement, and medicare some of that burden should be placed on the drinkers themselves. on the west side, jeff said it will only push sales to virginia, delaware and d.c. at a loss of businesses sales tax collection. tax more get less. >> don't tax it because we're all going to need alcohol for after we get all of these taxes. that's another interesting point. >>> coming up to at fox 45 morning news, a little nip and tuck for mom. >> i wanted to feel better for myself. >>> the total makeover being offered by some plastic surge surgeons. >>> i don't like getting up in the morning. >>> but coming up next the alarm clock that is hard to ignore. why you won't be able to simply >>> we all love a good chance to sleep in, but snoozing through the alarm clock when you're not supposed to is a bad dream come true. one product promises to get you will get up on the right side of the bed no matter what. we put the clocky to the will it work test. >> beep, beep. >> it's the sound we all love to hate. >> i don't like getting up in the morning. >>
and an effort to fix costs to medicare all which add to the cost but are not counted. >> we believe the american people need to understand that the cost to government state and federal is $2.1 trillion. >> perhaps we should call this the mark mcgwire bill. >> because spending his own steroids and there's no trance appearancey. >>> the pez wasn't there the entire time but the meeting at the white house went hours. they are having a problem getting a bill passed at all. >>> senator ben cardin will meet with seniors to update them on the healthcare. he will speak at cockeysville at 7:00 tonight. >>> coming up baltimore prepares for a new mayor. how that could affect the state residents. >> people in haiti struggle to dig out after an earthquake rocks the country, >>> stocks rebounded wednesday spurred on by tech and financial stocks. the s&p 500 posted solid gains. google is telling china end up or we're out of here. they may shut it down, claiming that china launched a cyber attack. the internet giant say it won't self censor reach results something the chinese government insists on. >>> they made
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